The 2017-18 grant cycle closed on November 15, 2017.

This application is intended to be short, simple and straightforward.

The most frequently asked questions or FAQs are below. Answers to any new questions will be posted as received.

Before preparing the proposal, please read all  instructions AND all of the FAQs carefully.  

When you are finished with the proposal, please re-read and ask yourself if a stranger can understand what you need, why you need it and how it helps older adults and/or caregivers.



At what time on Wednesday, November 15th is the proposal due?

Proposals are online and applications will be date and time stamped by the computer when you submit.  It must be in by 11:59 p.m. EST of the date specified.

 Can we submit a hard copy application instead?

We trust that the online format will make an already simple application even easier for you and prefer to receive all applications online. If you are unable to submit online, please call the office at 404-410-6311 or email seniorcenters@thanksmomanddadfund.org to inquire about the possibility of alternative formats for submission.

No late entries are accepted as this creates an unfair advantage over other applicants.


 What is the age requirement for clients served by the grant?

 For the purpose of this grant application, 55+ (55 years of age and above) is acceptable.  Other criteria are found in  the announcement and on the website.


If there isn’t enough room, can an attachment be submitted?

  • The requested information is simply a “snapshot” of your organization with mission, local demographics and description of the population and needs in your area.
  • Each section includes word or page limits. We ask that you DO NOT use  the full word or page allowance unless you absolutely need it. 
  • It is to acquaint the reviewers with your organization.
  •  This information has strict limitations and cannot be expanded.
  • WE PREFER 12 POINT FONT; however, if necessary, you may reduce the font size only on the agency info sections to 11 point.  Occasionally, we have seen the need to do so for some demographics, etc.


The Executive Director signs the cover letter but the program administrator is typically the contact person.  Whose name should be listed?

You are asked to list the name of the Executive Director for official grant notifications and the Program Administrator or other designee who can be contacted if questions arise during review.  In some cases they are the same; however, it can be 2 people so there are 2 names requested on form.

PROPOSAL NARRATIVE – This part carries the most WEIGHT for scoring your proposal.

What if we go over 2 pages?

You are LIMITED to two (2) blank pages with  your agency name at the top. Please follow the topics outlined.

  • No additional narrative beyond 2 pages is accepted and may score against you.
  • You must use a font with 12 point text in the narrative.
  • You may use either the titles or numerals provided in the outline.

What is this Proposal Narrative?


  • The part the carries the most weight in scoring your application.
  • Simple 2 page description of what you will do if awarded a grant.
  • Limited to 2 pages.
  • This is where you tell your local story.  You may include a unique or compelling need.    (Keep in mind that general aging issues and common aging demographics are already understood by the Trustees and reviewers so you need not use your limited space for common statistics unless you are going to reveal  something unique about your area.)


  • Not  a form – you can draft and attach the document.
  • Not a place to write common demographics.  Trustees have a sense of the problems so don’t waste space.
  • Not your mission statement; you wrote that in an earlier section.
  • Not a description of your organization (you did that in earlier section and/or in cover letter.)


 Is this the same as the information in the narrative?

 No but please read to  understand what is being requested.  This summary should be a very concise statement explaining what service or program will be provided if awarded a grant from the Thanks Mom and Dad Fund..  It could be”This grant will provide adult day care…or transportation… or nutrition….. or your idea or expansion for services.  Think of it as a way to immediately inform reviewers what service(s) will be provided.  It is also used as a quick reference for reviewers as they return for additional information.

It must be brief and limited to section provided.


What if the agency serves 10 counties but for the purpose of this grant, we plan to focus on one county?

Provide the geographic area by name that applies to this grant. In other words, state the name of the City, County,  or Region being served by the grant only or answer Statewide if you will provide across Georgia.


Do we need to submit copy of professional audits?

NO. We request a financial statement such as annual income and expense statement (P&L) is sufficient.  You will be contacted if a full audit is needed in lieu of financial statement.


COMPLETION –   You may begin and save a copy to return to the application.  However, feedback from applicants tells us it is best to draft on word doc then cut and paste all at once – It must be fully completed or the technology will block your submission.

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