Guests of Honor

Past Honorees at the Annual Thanks Mom & Dad Galas:


Dr. Ted Johnson

2019 Guest of Honor Dr. Ted Johnson


Senator Renee Unterman

2017  Guest of Honor Senator Renee Unterman

The Honorable Sam Massell
Guest of Honor

2016  Guest of Honor Sam Massell

2015 Guest of Honor Laura Turner Seydel

2015  Guests of Honor Laura Turner Seydel

Guest of Honor Fredi Gonzalez with Cobb Chairman Tim Lee and Sunny K. Park

2014  Guest of Honor, Fredi Gonzalez

2013  Guests of Honor, MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher, Phil “Knucksie” Niekro honoring his Parents Phil & Henrietta (Ivy) Niekro and Sunny K. Park, General Building Maintenance, honoring his Mother, Pyoungnim Park.

2012   Jonathan Babineaux, Atlanta Falcons, Honoring his Mother, Barbara Babineaux

2008  The Honorable Johnny Isakson, U.S. Senator, Georgia

2007 The Honorable Shirley Franklin, Former Mayor, City of Atlanta

2007 Poster Honorees forming Perennial Exhibition:  Willie Ruth Bell Glass, Sen. Johnny Isakson, Dot Meder, Pyoungnim Park, Herman & Otelia Russell, Nathaniel Goldston, Jr., and Kathleen O’Donnell Walton

2006 Evern Cooper Epps, UPS Foundation, retired, honoring her Mother Vivian

2005 Keith Brooking and Chris Mohr, Atlanta Falcons

2004  Jocelyn Dorsey, WSB-TV, Channel 2, Honoring Robert & Helena Dorsey

2003 Michael Thurmond, former Commissioner,  Georgia Department of Labor, Celebrating a Birthday and Remembering Sidney & Vanilla Thurmond