FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

This application is intended to be short, simple and straightforward.

The most frequently asked questions or FAQs are below. Answers to any new questions will be posted as received.

Before preparing the proposal, please read all instructions AND all of the FAQs   



At what time on January 27, 2021 is the proposal due?

Proposals must be submitted online by 5:00 p.m. 

Can we submit a hard copy application instead?

We trust that the online format will make an already simple application even easier for you. If you are unable to submit online, please call the office at 404-410-6311 or email director@thanksmomanddadfund.org to inquire about the possibility of alternative formats for submission.

No late entries are accepted as this creates an unfair advantage over other applicants.


What is the age requirement for clients served by the grant?

For the purpose of this grant application, 55+ (55 years of age and above) is acceptable.  Other criteria are found in the announcement and on the website.


If there isn’t enough room, can an attachment be submitted?

  • Each section includes word or page limits. 
  • • This information has strict limitations and cannot be expanded.
  • • The information in this section is simply a “snapshot” of your organization with mission, local demographics and description of the population and needs in your area.
  • • It is to acquaint the reviewers with your organization.


The Executive Director signs the cover letter, but the program administrator is typically the contact person.  Whose name should be listed?

You are asked to list the name of the Executive Director for official grant notifications and the Program Administrator or other designee who can be contacted if questions arise during review.  In some cases, they are the same; however, it can be 2 people so there are 2 names requested on form.

PROPOSAL NARRATIVE: This part carries the most WEIGHT for scoring your proposal.

What if we go over 2,500 words?

You are LIMITED to a maximum of 2,500 words, the equivalent of up-to five (5) pages. Please follow the topics outlined in the Project Narrative description (Purpose, Capacity, Needs & Impact, Sustainability, and Diversity).

  • • No additional narrative beyond the limit is accepted.

What is this Proposal Narrative?


  • • The part that carries the most weight in scoring your application.
  • • A description of what you will do if awarded a grant.
  • • Limited to a maximum of 2,500 words or up-to 5 pages.
  • • This is where you tell your local story.  You may include a unique or compelling need. (Keep in mind that general aging issues and common aging demographics are already understood by the Trustees and reviewers, so do not use your limited space for common statistics unless you are going to reveal something unique about your area and social isolation.)


  • • Not a place to write common demographics. Trustees and grant reviewers have a sense of the problems so don’t waste space.
  • • Not your mission statement; you wrote that in an earlier section.
  • • Not a description of your organization (you did that in earlier section)


What if the agency serves 10 counties but for the purpose of this grant, we plan to focus on one county?

Provide the geographic area by name that applies to this grant. In other words, state the name of the City, County, or Region being served. If the proposal is for service statewide, please note that in the application. 


Do we need to submit a copy of professional audits?

NO. We request that you upload the most recent financial statements such as (P&L) which is sufficient. You will be contacted if a full audit is needed in lieu of financial statement.


What if we do not collect demographic data race by age?

If your internal systems do not capture data in the way we ask for it, please make your best estimate of demographics. 

Can the narrative be written offline and then uploaded to the application?

We would encourage you to prepare the project narrative offline. You can then copy and paste the narrative into the form. Be mindful of the 2,500-word limit as you draft the narrative offline. 

Can you give us an idea of the percentage of awarded grants go to government-run senior centers vs. individual nonprofits?

There is no specific breakdown of how grant funds will be awarded. 

Could you offer any advice on using Lubben scale with elders in memory care?

The Lubben Social Network Scale is required as part of this grant to assess the effectiveness of social isolation interventions that are funded. If you are working with a population such as elders in memory care, you should identify the limitations of the scale and how you will address those limitations if awarded grant funds. 

In the Project Narrative, is there one section more weighted than others?

While each category does have a different value for scoring, the most important consideration is to present clear and compelling responses for each category. For your convenience, the category weights are below: 

Purpose (20 points)

Capacity (20 points)

Needs & Impact (25 points)

Sustainability (10 points)

Diversity (10 points)

Budget (15 points) NOTE: you are asked separately on the application form for the Budget Narrative that factors into this score. You may refer to that narrative or add additional comments for clarity in this section if needed.  

Is this grant focused on senior centers or could we seek a grant for homebound seniors?  

The purpose of this grant is to address social isolation among older adults. Therefore, projects should focus on older adults who are homebound. This includes older adults who were homebound prior to the pandemic and/or those who are homebound as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Is serving 55+ a requirement?

The minimum age of those receiving services from grant funds is 55 years old. Your project may target specific groups within that age range such as those more than 70 years old, for example. 

Is this State of Georgia only?

Yes, this grant is only available in the State of Georgia.

When do you expect to make grant awards?

As detailed on the Social Isolation Guidelines and grant application webpage, grant awards will be announced the week of February 8, 2021. 

Is it better to complete and submit early or will all applications be scored at the same time?

All grants will be reviewed at the same time. There is no benefit to early submissions. However, the deadline for this grant application is 5:00 PM on January 27, 2021. Submissions must be received by this time for consideration. Should you run into technology issues with your submission, please reach out to david@thanksmomanddadfund.org as soon as possible. 

Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required for implementing the program for this grant?


Will your application score higher if you have in-kind or matching funds?

Partnerships leveraging grant funds for greater impact are encouraged. 

Will funds be available immediately as awarded or at end of project?

As detailed on the Social Isolation Guidelines and grant application webpage, grant funds will be disbursed the week of February 8, 2021. 

What is the deadline for using the funds?

A final report will be due December 1, 2021. The grant funds should be used by this deadline or shortly thereafter. 

Can you develop multiple programs and strategies under this grant or just come up with ONE program and ONE Strategy?

We encourage creative grant proposals that meet the needs of your community and those you serve. This could mean more than one strategy to address social isolation. Your project narrative should clearly articulate the strategies and your anticipated impact. 


We are private non-profit. We do accept some government funding. What does “a unit of government” refer to?

All nonprofits should submit a copy of their 501 (c) 3 Letter of Determination from the IRS. Only government run entities, such as county, regional or city senior programs, are required to submit eligibility documentation with this language stating they are “operating as a unit of government to deliver services to the public”. 

Can the project be a newly designed program to decrease social isolation or must it be a project that has not been initiated at all?

You must use funds from this grant opportunity for new participants. If you wish to propose a program that has already begun or you wish to replicate an existing program, you may do so provided this proposal targets new participants.  

This is required so that the Lubben Social Network Scale can be administered prior to participants receiving grant services. The purpose of using the Lubben Social Network Scale is to assess the impact of the projects. Therefore, funded projects must assess participants prior to service delivery and at the end of service delivery or the grant period. Following the grant period, Thanks Mom & Dad Fund will report best practices that have measurable impact on social isolation for older adults.