2006 – Evern Cooper Epps Honoring Her Mother

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2005 Event Photos

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Thanks Mom and Dad Fund Welcomes Two New Board Members

Thanks Mom and Dad is excited to welcome the newest Board of Trustees Members to the fund, Bill Kitchen and Julie Mitchell. Bill and Julie are joining an elite team of respected Board Members that have helped to create awareness for the ever-increasing need of support for the Baby Boomer generation as vital services become […]


2011 Grant Cycle Announced. See RFPTMD_RFP_2011

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Tell Us Who You’d Like to Thank

Maybe the older person who made the big difference in your life wasn’t a mother or father. Perhaps it was a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or an older mentor. As the nation grows older and families become more diverse, there are a lot of different “thank yous” that need to be given. If there’s […]

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Online Planners Can Untangle Retirement

More and more tools designed to help those nearing retirement plan the future are showing up on the internet, and many of them are free. One essential online tool is the Social Security Administration’s calculator for estimating benefits. It’s at www.ssa.gov/planners/calculators.htm. Consumer Reports recently gave top ratings to three other free planning tools: The AARP […]

The Difference You Can Make

Here’s a sampling of what a $20 contribution to aging programs and services through the Thanks Mom & Dad Fund delivers: Four home-delivered meals to a homebound widow, or Two hours of respite or adult day care, or A round trip to take a frail veteran to the doctor. Even the smallest donations count.

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The Alphabet Soup of Aging – And Where We Fit In

Sometimes the administrative network of programs for seniors can be a confusing jumble of capital letters. Here’s a brief guide for our area. Every region in the state has a designated Area Agency on the Aging (AAA) which coordinates senior services for that area. The AAA for the 10-county Atlanta Region is the Atlanta Regional […]

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