Re-imagining the Workforce

This event was held on March 28, 2018

Identifying solutions for building a robust, sustainable workforce to serve the growing aging population.

The Direct Care Workforce Challenge
Walter Coffey 
WD International Consulting
Understanding the crisis in recruiting and retaining staff to work within the healthcare sector, particularly within community settings.
Coffey and Craft Morgan presentations

Jennifer Craft Morgan  Georgia State University
Strategies for employers based on case studies to improve recruitment, performance, pipeline programs and retention of frontline workers.
Coffey and Craft Morgan presentations

Panel Discussion- Perspectives
Deke Cateau A.G. Rhodes
Deke Cateau presentation

Mark Lowell St. George Village
Mark Lowell presentation

Scott Morrison Brightstar
Scott Morrison presentation

Questions and Answers

Panel Discussion- Perspectives on the Workplace
(over lunch)
David Brooks
Saint Anne’s Terrace
Brooks and Giles presentation
Brooks and Giles Millennial Flyer

Alexandria Giles Calvin Court
Brooks and Giles presentation
Brooks and Giles Millennial Flyer

Anna Thompson WorkSource, ARC
Anna Thompson presentation

Table Discussions-Solutions Part I

Table Reports

Panel Discussion-Solutions Part II

Dorothy Davis Visiting Nurse Health System, Hospice Atlanta
Dorothy Davis Presentation

Indira Tyler Nursing Sciences Division, Gwinnett Technical College
Indira Tyler Presentation

Yvette Cantrell Bridgebuilders, Inc.
Yvette Cantrell presentation

Closing Comments
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